Celebrating 11+ Years of Creativity

Our Story

How do we define CreativeBit?

CreativeBit Services Pvt. Ltd. is a branding and creative tech solutions firm that helps businesses aiming to grow in the digital era. We guide startups/businesses/organizations to find their right footing in the digital media landscape, where they are able to reach out to their relevant audiences.

This agency was started back in 2013 and now works with Government Institutions, Departments, Colleges and Startups that need cost-effective branding and marketing assistance.

Currently, CreativeBit is a team of 20 including – Designers, Coders, and Social Media Experts.

What’s in the name?

The idea behind naming the company CreativeBit came from the fact that we wanted to showcase the creative and analytical skills behind the team. It is a balance of left and right-brained individuals.

What do we do?

CreativeBit was started as an IT firm in 2013, which expanded its services into Advertising, Designing, and Social Media. Now we serve Government Departments, Corporate Companies, Startups.

Why we do it?

We saw a huge gap with businesses around us in understanding technical advancements that were happening around them and how great designs and digital media can help them grow. We aim to help businesses grow by minimizing their advertising cost and more.

How do we evolve?

Learning by doing has been our primary ideology and we have not limited our creative and technical brains by any predefined workflow or ideas. Everyone here can have their own way of doing things for effective and creative results. This methodology has helped us evolve as an agency that has fresh ideas and energy.

Social responsibility in social media

Every brand has a different story and different owners behind them. It is very important to understand the ideology that a business owner has behind the brand. There are times when we have to educate the owners that what’s good and what’s not for a brand. There has to be a creative, effective, positive and feasible approach collectively when we design a technical solution or a creative campaign.

The need of the hour

Social Media has no rules that govern them. It’s about creating content that people love. The need of the hour is to adapt and create content that is loved by the audience.

We learned the hard way

We have been an advertising agency that never advertises its own brand. It has always been about the brands we build, campaigns we design and solutions we provide.

The industry as we foresee

Though we cannot predict the changes that the digital world will see in next maybe 5 to 10 years, the biggest change will be influencers and content creators breaking the celebrity traditions. Now every brand can have a face that is not limited to Bollywood celebrities.

A day without Internet

Introspections, report creations, and gossips. Since the campaigns are now pre-scheduled, so unless it is urgent, this won’t affect us much.